The HIPrelay - IDN Routing

The World’s First Identity-Based Router

Identity-based routing transforms how you network, provision, and secure devices and resources across remote, enterprise, and cloud infrastructures. It's now easy to deploy encrypted WAN micro-segments that are highly available and resilient, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. You can now instantly connect and secure privately addressed devices across separate networks, anywhere in the world, without constraint.

Together with other HIP Services, the HIPrelay enables you to:

  • Move the security perimeter from the network edge down to the individual host or device
  • Extend the WAN in a manner that was previously impossible
  • Eliminate IP conflicts
  • Connect privately addressed or previously non-routable IP resources

High Availability & Resiliency

The HIPrelay can be deployed individually or in geographically distributed clusters, providing superior availability, performance, and a simpler data governance architecture.


Unique Routing Technology

It is the only routing technology that doesn’t use Layer 3 rule sets, addresses, or traditional routing protocols for its routing decisions. Instead, the HIPrelay relies on host-based cryptographic identities to establish peer-to-peer encrypted connectivity regardless of location or network. It’s also the only technology that overcomes barriers like multi-NAT, Carrier Grade NAT, dynamic IP addressing, IP conflicts, and unwieldy inbound firewall rules.


Replace Your VPNs with IDN

Unlike VPNs that terminates their connections at the network edge, the IDN platform enables peer-to-peer encrypted connectivity regardless of location. With multi-point connectivity, you can build a highly available networks that can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world.


What are you waiting for?

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