HIPswitch Cloud & Virtual – IDN Enforcement Points

Easily spin up and tear down VPC and VNET access controls

The HIPswitch acts as an overlay gateway that secures devices so they can be instantly networked with other HIPservice endpoints. The HIPswitch Virtual provides maximum flexibility to create HIPswitch Virtuals when they’re needed in private or public clouds.

By removing the limitations of IP-based networking that prevent peering between zones, regions, and other clouds, it’s easy to create workgroups and segmented workflows that require peering cloud to on-premises or separate cloud environments. Now you can easily spin up and tear down public or private cloud networks instantly.

With HIPswitch Cloud & Virtual you can:

  • Instantly deploy separate segmented and automated environments for development, test, staging, and production
  • Manage access to internal resources by third-party vendors and customers who only need temporary access
  • Consolidate and simplify your networks and workflows with IDN, while eliminating Ethernet switches, publicly exposed VPNs/FWs, and APNs


“With HIPswitch for AWS I create instantly secured WAN micro-segments that span on-premises, VPCs across regions, and my DevOps team. I now have a well-encapsulated and decoupled network overlay that’s simple, resilient, and secured by HIP. It’s my cloud control plane.”

- Jeffery - DevOps Lead, Env. Consulting Company


Supported Platforms
Amazon Web Services Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure Xen
VMware ESXi Microsoft Hyper-V
Linux KVM Openstack


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