Simple & Automated Disaster Recovery

Rapidly connect and segment any device, anywhere in the world

The problems holding your business back

One of the more difficult challenges for IT organizations is overcoming the current limitations of routing convergence methods and DNS names with regards to disaster recovery (DR), system failover, and device isolation. As always-on connectivity has become standard, having a business continuity strategy is critical in case of a service interruption, inclement weather or some other instance – so the company can sustain its usual processes.

Security and networking challenges:

  • Failover is often configured at a macro level, and not at the device, server, or application level because of the involved networking complexity.
  • Isolating and disconnecting infected devices can take days or weeks, depending on the network, further putting organizations at risk.
  • Because of the complexities involved, verifiable testing is done rarely, if ever, leaving room for error once an incident actually occurs.

Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) - The Way Forward

Tempered Networks Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) solution solves the problem of disaster recovery, failover, and isolation. IDN is based on a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace, which is backwards compatible and complimentary to the two current namespaces that are globally deployed: IP addresses and DNS names. Because IDN is not dependent upon routing convergence or DNS names, customers can implement DR or failover with little effort. It's now easier than ever to reroute traffic, whether it's a single device or a datacenter.

With a modern architecture based on cryptographic identities, flipping connectivity from one system to another in less than a second, is simple, easily verifiable, and helps getting the business back up and running in no time. Organizations can now achieve a new level of network availability and resiliency.