Simple PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

Complying with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) is important for all organizations that process, store, or transmit credit card information. With transactions swiftly moving beyond traditional brick and mortar store fronts, organizations are struggling with how to achieve PCI compliance across separate architectures and hybrid environments. Current technologies are both time-consuming and costly, and does not equal security, even when compliant.

Tempered Networks solution is effective in providing significant support for the key requirements and controls of PCI DSS with a simple, sustainable, and operationally efficient enterprise architecture. With hardened segmentation it’s easy to identify the area’s perimeter and secure it, enabling a clearly defined scope in which credit card data enters, flows, resides, and exits.


"Tempered Networks’ approach is both innovative and comprehensive with multiple deployment possibilities. In our lab testing against the relevant requirements of PCI DSS we found that the IDN platform provided very effective security and protection."

Kennet Westby, Chief Strategist at Coalfire.

Decrease IT CapEx and OpEx
costs by up to 25%

Reduce PCI Compliance Time
by up to 30%

Reduce attack surface
by up to 90%

Unify PCI compliance and security initiatives

It’s now easier than ever before to achieve PCI compliance with secure and segmented connectivity between all your PCI systems and assets and hybrid cloud and data center environments.

Gives you control of the audit scope for PCI systems and assets
Machine-to-machine encryption and segmentation provides a level of isolation and containment previously unattainable, yet easy to use and manage.

Simplifies PCI orchestration
Automatically add PCI resources to pre-defined device groups, making updates and changes simple, consistent, and predictable.

Reduces cost of PCI audits
Our manageability-first design principle makes it simple for IT staff to reduce PCI scope, reducing man hours by 60% on average.