Securely connect airline systems over shared infrastructure

The problems holding your business back

Airlines run on a labyrinth of patchwork systems that control everything from flight safety and navigation to aircraft and crew scheduling and ticket processing. Most of these systems rely on an airport’s shared network infrastructure (including Wi-Fi) for communications. But sharing network resources with other airlines, contractors, and vendors is a major contributor to a weak security posture.

To stay ahead in this highly competitive industry, ongoing innovation is an imperative. Carriers must continuously strive to improve operational efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Integrating modern technologies with older legacy systems and networks, however, introduces complexity. Complexity leads to bogged down systems, impacts customer service and safety, and increases cyber attack vectors.

Airline carriers are posed with some perplexing IT challenges, including:

  • Networking systems across shared infrastructure that is not in a carrier’s control
  • Securing onboard systems like inflight entertainment
  • Integrating modern and legacy systems that monitor highly sensitive information

The way forward

Our non-disruptive encrypted overlay networks can securely connect, cloak, and segment any IP resource and system located anywhere across an airport or across the world. Cloaking means your devices are now invisible from the underlying network and hackers, only accessible through trusted devices within our IDN fabric.

Contact us to learn how Tempered Networks can help you increase your airline’s competitive edge, by reducing complexity and increasing agility.

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