Protect and cloak your critical assets, sensitive data, and vulnerable endpoints

The problems holding your business back

Hospital CIOs have some of the toughest jobs in healthcare. Having responsibility for protecting hospital networks with patient records, PII and PCI data from aggressive hackers and vulnerabilities is difficult enough. But having to do so for thousands of devices and machines that are mobile and fixed and inherently insecure is challenging. With small budgets and federal regulations – the challenge is formidable.

Consider this:

  • The cost of a cyberattack for the average hospital is $3.5 million*
  • 46% of hospitals spend less than $500,000 a year on cybersecurity*
  • A data breach can cost a hospital $200 per health record*
  • Yet, only $8 is spent protecting that same record*

The way forward

It’s time to rethink networking in healthcare. And Tempered Networks has the answer.

Our Identity Defined Network (IDN) solutions offer a simple, flexible, and secure way to change the game.

The best way to avoid the spendy damage caused by cyber attacks and the loss of valuable healthcare records is to simply remove the systems and data stores that process and house those records from view. Period. Cloaked and out of sight, except by those devices given explicit access.

IDN does exactly that. It completely cloaks your vulnerable and sensitive network segments, applications and data. Bad actors become blind to your sensitive systems with IDN’s device-to-device encryption and unbreakable segmentation.

The reality is that hackers will continue to break into your hospital network given today’s hyper-connected world. But with IDN, the crown jewels are out of sight.

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* Statistics:

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