Logistics & Warehousing

Secure and simple connectivity for all your distributed and mobile resources

The problems holding your business back

The backbone of our global economy is an intricate logistics network enabled by highly efficient, digitally controlled just-in-time supply chains. As a result, transit and warehousing logistics companies are crucial to economic vitality. Underneath that sophistication lays bar codes, GPS tracking, robots, warehouse automation systems, climate control systems, stock level visibility, to name a few. All this must be kept in precise balance so costs are kept low and demand is always met.

Yet, this is a complex volume game with razor thin margins – and no room for error. One glitch? A major hit – straight to the bottom line.

How does IT and operations support the business, while also addressing these challenges:

  • Adding new machines and devices onto the network, without waiting weeks or months
  • Resolving the limitations created by machines with IP address conflicts
  • Enabling secure in-transit visibility and tracking
  • Providing secure supply chain access and visibility to specific machines or devices

The way forward

Tempered Networks' Identity Defined Networking (IDN) solution is the answer.

Developed for environments challenged by disparate distributed systems, machine mobility, and IP conflict issues – IDN provides a simple, flexible and secure networking fabric that reliably connects machines, devices and control systems – anywhere in the world.

With network and management complexity sharply reduced and built-in unbreakable security as a by-product, IDN catapults your network flexibility, reliability, and security to previously unattainable levels – with no disruption to existing infrastructure.

Let Tempered Networks show you how Identity Defined Networking can give your logistics / warehousing business an unfair competitive advantage.

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