Simple and secure connectivity for manufacturing systems

The problems holding your business back

Global manufacturing is a hyper competitive business where the winners are driven by extreme speed, turn-on-a-dime flexibility, and operational efficiency. Those same forces underlie the IT systems that support everything from the supply chain to factory machine placement and control. Yet, networking remains overly complex and costly – with risks of cyber attacks looming.

The most pressing concerns posed by manufacturing IT leaders include:

  • Network change complexity leading to unscheduled downtime
  • IP conflict issues prevent machine and equipment movement
  • IoT implications on scalable factory control and management
  • Increasing exposure to cyber attack
  • Supply chain visibility to critical systems

Tempered Networks’ Identity Defined Networking (IDN) is designed to overcome these issues and more

With our core technology originally developed for a Fortune 50 global manufacturer – IDN is especially well suited to address the most pressing factory network and security needs.

Imagine the freedom to provision or move any machine or device in seconds. Imagine a device identity that affords complete communication freedom with other need-to-know devices – but is inherently invisible to attackers. Imagine it’s all done through simple drag-and-drop provisioning

That’s IDN. And it’s ready to revolutionize the IT and security needs of manufacturers.

Manufacturing Webinar

VP of Product, Erik Giesa, on how we help manufacturing companies


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