Securing mechanical control systems in a multicast environment


A branch of a large military force required a hardened cybersecurity solution to protect mechanical control systems and communications within a multicast environment. The solution needed to work with specialized, military-grade Siemens Ruggedcom RX1500 switches and routers and enable military personnel without network expertise to quickly and easily deploy it under challenging conditions.

Customer Needs

  • Provide hardened cybersecurity for multicast traffic
  • Enable easy deployment and management with no advanced networking skills
  • Integrate with ruggedized, military-grade Siemens Ruggedcom RX1500 routers/switches


The Tempered Networks Identity-Defined Networking solution overcomes the complexities of securing multicast communications to protect critical control systems from cybersecurity attacks. The solution integrates with the specialized Ruggedcom RX1500 and enables standard military personnel to easily deploy preconfigured gear without the need for onsite IT talent.


  • Multicast communications and assets are fully cloaked and protected
  • Non-technical military personnel can drop in the solution with no onsite IT expertise
  • Consolidated solution works with approved hardware components and streamlines deployment


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