Safeguard and segment your critical assets, POS systems and vulnerable machines

The problems holding your business back

Retailers offer one of the most attractive targets for hackers looking to gain access to critical customer data. You’ve no doubt read many counts of headline news, where retailers have had credit card information and customer records stolen, inventory systems held ransom, and company secrets revealed.

Many of these attacks originated through compromised vendor systems and machines, such as POS systems, ATMs, vending machines, HVAC or other building control systems that are commonly located in retail stores. These systems create an easy attack surface for hackers to gain access to other parts of the network. And while IT departments try to keep up, network bloat and complexity makes networks more vulnerable than ever.

  • Increasing complexity and costs that are killing profitability
  • Difficulty finding and hiring qualified personnel to manage IT systems
  • Connected Industrial Control and Automation systems that that are vulnerable to hackers
  • Secure, complex integration and mobility of IoT systems and devices
  • Supply Chain Visibility to critical systems

The way forward

Tempered Networks can help. Our Identity Defined Network (IDN) can help retailers securely connect mission critical systems and sensitive information including PCI data, with unbreakable segmentation. With IDN, it’s now simple to connect, cloak, and segment your systems, vulnerable machines, and sensitive applications and data.

How are we unique from other vendors? Our brand promise is simplicity. IDN was purpose-built with ease of use in mind, so technology doesn’t hamper your profitability or services. We actually help you improve operational efficiency and supply chain control and visibility, while dramatically reducing your network attack surface.

Contact us to learn how Tempered Networks helps your business run more efficiently and be better positioned to compete in today’s retail environment.

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