Utilities, Energy & Water/Wastewater

Protect and connect critical infrastructure for optimized availability

The problems holding your business back

Power plants. Oil and gas firms. Water and sewage utilities. Each is an infrastructure business that we take for granted. After all, they are “always on”. Until they aren’t.

When it comes to our nation’s utility infrastructure, operational availability is absolutely vital. Yet, these are run by organizations that face rather exceptional security and network operation challenges:

  • How do you secure networks full of aging legacy systems in far-flung locations where network connectivity often doesn’t even exist?
  • How do you secure a network that shares its infrastructure with other municipal services like law enforcement or the library?
  • How do you ensure security where different providers share resources, e.g., a smaller utility that might share a power substation with a larger utility?
  • And how do you do the above with limited skilled IT staff?

The way forward

Tempered Networks’ Identity Defined Networking (IDN) solutions are tailor made for public and private utilities.

IDN's powerful – but easy to install, configure and manage – micro-segmentation and cloaking capabilities collapse network operations costs, while at the same time introducing a level of security unattainable by traditional approaches. And – without disrupting the existing IT infrastructure.

Let Tempered Networks demonstrate how your utility can quickly and effectively bolster system reliability and operational integrity, while raising the guard against cyber attacks.

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