Secure & Simple Connectivity for Building Management & BACnet Systems

The number one challenge our customers face when integrating smart-building technologies onto the common IP network is how to protect the many devices and ‘things’ that inherently cannot protect themselves. Many of these connected systems use the BACnet protocol, which was designed to optimize connectivity, control, and monitoring of various building control systems, but was not built to be secure. This creates vulnerabilities that traditional IT systems were not designed to secure, which forces costly overhead.

Tempered Networks solution delivers secure and segmented connectivity for any device, across any environment, anywhere in the world. It’s now easy to connect and protect your building management systems, while isolating traffic away from the rest of the network. Connecting multiple buildings across a campus environment can now be done significantly faster and easier using Tempered Networks, rather than traditional technologies.

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Decrease IT CapEx and OpEx
costs by up to 50%

Reduce deployment time
by up to 97%

Reduce attack surface
by up to 90%

Simple building management systems connectivity

It’s now easier than ever before to securely connect and segment building management and BACnet systems across hybrid cloud and data center environments.

Isolates BACnet traffic
Machine-to-machine encryption and segmentation provides a level of isolation and containment previously unattainable, yet easy to manage and scale.

Increases network performance
By ensuring reliability and availability of control systems, as well as providing isolated traffic, BACnet storms cannot occur. This significantly improves network resiliency and utilization.

Reduces cost and time to deploy
Our simple deployment makes it easy for organizations to connect and protect their building management and BACnet systems quickly. Achieve isolated protection today!