Secure & Simple Remote Access for Vendors

If your organization has a supply chain, which often includes vendors, contractors, or partners, that need access to systems and devices across your network, you likely are facing complex networking and security challenges. Secure access with traditional technologies is not as simple as ‘on’ or ‘off’, and to protect internal systems individual access needs to be isolated, creating costly overhead.

Tempered Networks solution solves the challenge of secure and segmented remote third party access for your supply chain. It’s now easier than ever to give specific devices and individuals access to the right resources, down to the individual device, without having to worry about issues surrounding IP conflicts or complex VPN or NAC configurations for example.

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Decrease IT CapEx and OpEx
costs by up to 50%

Reduce deployment time
by up to 97%

Reduce attack surface
by up to 90%

Simple on/off supply chain management

It’s now easier than ever before to give vendors, contractors, or partners secure and segmented remote access to individual resources on your network.

Simple remote network access
Machine-to-machine encryption and segmentation provides a level of isolation and containment previously unattainable, yet easy to manage and scale.

Time-based access
Organizations can now implement time-based restricted access to device(s), either programatically or manually. Removing access is done within seconds, after the work is finished.

Reduces cost and time to deploy
Our simple deployment makes it easy and fast for organizations to secure their entire supply chain.