Simple Micro-Segmentation

Rapidly connect and segment any device, anywhere in the world

The problems holding your business back

Perimeter security is a must-have these days for any organization, serving as the front-line of defense against breaches. With the increased sophistication of attacks that bypass traditional defenses, organizations have had to focus on protecting their flat internal network as well, making sure east – west traffic is securely segmented.

Challenges surrounding secure segmentation:

  • Security often stops at the edge of the network, not down to the individual host or service. Connections are secure until they get to the edge of the network, then a patchwork of VLANs, Access Control Lists, routing rules, firewall policies, and other technologies are used.
  • VLAN segmentation is not good security, as it can be bypassed and doesn’t scale well.
  • Complexity makes provisioning and revoking access difficult and time-consuming.

Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) - The Way Forward

IDN solves the problem of secure segmentation with a modern networking architecture based on cryptographic identities. Now you can apply a defense in depth strategy that reduces risk across your organization, making it truly simple to achieve micro-segmentation for your critical assets. Significantly reduce your CapEx and OpEx by automating segmentation and network policies, while eliminating unnecessary spend on manual, error-prone tools.