Use Cases

NIST Manufacturing Profile

Secure peer-to-peer connectivity and micro-segmentation meets the
NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) requirements

What our Manufacturing  Customers Experience

50% Lower CapEx and OpEx through network simplification

Complete Audits 50% Faster without additional staff

90% Reduced Attack Surface
through cloaking, micro-segmentation, and encryption

See How a Manufacturer Segmented Their Network

The Challenge.

Reducing Cybersecurity Risk is Costly and Complex

The main challenge our customers encounter when meeting the CSF requirements is the cost and complexity of deploying, maintaining, and auditing traditional IT solutions across separate enterprise, remote, and cloud infrastructures. The time, expertise, and budget needed to provision and manage connectivity and segmentation for every system is impractical, yet still doesn’t prevent hacker reconnaissance and lateral attacks.


Micro-segmenting devices across a flat Layer 2 network

Different security and networking architectures for IT, virtual, and cloud

Ongoing IP addressing issues and conflicts across the network


Legacy equipment and industrial IoT devices were built without security

Inability to protect against horizontal L2-L4 network attacks

Lack of segmentation gives 3rd party vendors unfettered network access


Complex audits of individual firewall rules, ACLs, and VLANs

Coordinating between IT and OT teams

The Solution

Simple Segmentation and Compliance for Manufacturing Networks

Our customers have eliminated the complexity, attack vectors, and costs associated with traditional IT solutions by adopting an identity-centric model for manufacturing environments that’s simpler and more secure. With IDN, you can deploy secure and micro-segmented networks in minutes, rather than days or weeks compared to traditional IT solutions. And even better, the cost is a fraction of those alternatives. Now you can easily align cybersecurity activities with business requirements, risk tolerances, and resources.

Business Impacts of Traditional IT Solutions vs Tempered Networks

Our customer was able to securely connect 3 manufacturing plants with 100’s of PLCs across a flat Layer 2 network - all of which needed to be segmented off the corporate network. Unlike traditional IT solutions, with Tempered Networks every manufacturing system is isolated across its own encrypted and segmented overlay network that can’t be violated.

Let Us Prove It

"With Tempered Networks we were able to quickly micro-segment our ICS / SCADA environment without impacting production. In less than half a day, we were able to isolate 900 systems in one plant across our flat Layer 2 network.

Meeting NIST requirements and our own security objectives was faster and more comprehensive than I expected.”

Network Administrator
Large U.S. Manufacturer

Zero Trust Policy Orchestration and Micro-Segmentation in Minutes

Tempered Networks’ scalable orchestration engine was designed to be extremely easy to use with no advanced technical training and requires little to no change to existing infrastructure. Unlike the many complex, fragile, and disruptive steps associated with traditional IT solutions, our customers eliminate complexity, cost, and attack vectors through point-and-click policy orchestration.

First, our overlay network transparently creates cryptographic machine identities for every IDN endpoint to eliminate spoofing.

Second, every protected devices' network connections are automatically authenticated and authorized between trusted devices before data transport and exchange. Our unique network-level authentication creates verifiable trust segments that can't be discovered or exploited.

Third, all connections are transparently encrypted and encapsulated enabling non-disruptive and secure traversal across any type of network - public or private. Every device can now be quickly connected and protected across any LAN or WAN, segmented across any network and made invisible to hackers.

Setting Policy

Point-and-Click Simple Management

Trusted end-to-end connectivity with point-and-click simplicity to add, disable, and revoke machines.
Visualizing Policy

Verify Compliance Quickly and Easily

The Visual Trust Map verifies connectivity and segmentation, delivering simple compliance reporting.

Simplified Network Deployments

Get control of your manufacturing environment by segmenting and cloaking your network

Challenges with
Traditional IT Solutions

Inability to connect and collect system data from anywhere

High acquisition, deployment, and management costs

Misapplying firewall rules, ACLs, VLANs, and VPNs for segmentation

Inability to quickly provide technicians with isolated access to specific systems

Network and security dependency errors open attack vectors

Solutions with
Tempered Networks

Simple compliance reporting

Instant secure connectivity for layer 2 and layer 3 networks with high availability and resiliency

Micro-segmentation and native end-to-end encryption across the LAN, WAN, and cloud

Ability to connect remote systems over any medium — cell, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or radio

Eliminate IP addressing issues and conflicts, without having to re-IP devices