How can identity based micro-segmentation help you?

We deliver high availability, native security and remarkable simplicity in these scenarios.


I want manageable micro-segmentation

Point-and-click, device-level segmentation allows you to move the security perimeter to the individual device quickly and easily.

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I need secure access control from anywhere

No limitations, no constraints, no problem...connect anything, anywhere with no worries.

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I need sub-second workload failover

No more fire drills, even when disaster strikes. Instant failover is now a deep breath and a mouse click away.

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I need to revoke compromised devices

Revoke machine trust or quarantine devices and network segments in an instant.

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I need to safeguard sensitive data and meet compliance

Keep sensitive data in the right hands and reduce your cost of compliance.

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I need unconstrained data and resource mobility

Don’t let the constraints caused by IP and DNS slow you down, limit mobility, or hinder your business.

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Commercial Developer

A leading commercial developer saved time and money, reduced risk, segmented its network, and provided secure remote access with one simple solution.

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Penn State University quickly and easily centralized and segmented BACnet systems for 640+ state-wide buildings—improving security and reducing costs.

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Oil and Gas

With one tool, a top natural gas provider aced its security audit, granted contractors secure remote access to ICS, and empowered OT teams.

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