Micro-Segmentation Made Simple and Secure

Micro-segmentation yields tremendous benefits like persistent, workload-level security, better network performance, and higher resource availability. Not to mention, dividing your network into manageable pieces that don’t have nebulous rule sets and difficult-to-map dependencies.

But historically, micro-segmentation is considered to be one of the most difficult, tedious, and complex networking tasks. Tempered Networks’ approach makes gaining all the benefits of micro-segmenting your network—security, manageability, availability, and mobility—point-and-click simple.

Take a deeper dive on how you can achieve effortless micro-segmentation:

  • Stop broadcast storms caused by your building automation systems - Learn more...
  • Create private workgroup networks, accessible from anywhere in the world and visible only to authorized people - Learn more...
  • Pass PCI compliance audits, lower costs, and optimize your security posture—all at the same time - Learn more...


Stop broadcast storms caused by your building automation systems.


Micro-segmentation Security

Simple, centralized, segmented connectivity for building automation systems that eliminates the disruptive high signal-to-noise ratios and interference with other IP traffic on the network

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Organizations are increasingly deploying smart building technologies to optimize control and efficiency for facilities of all kinds. Technologies for building automation (such as BACnet) span a broad range of systems—from environmental controls and fire suppression to sensors to IP cameras.

On top of increased network complexity and larger attack surface, you also face BACnet broadcast storms that can cripple network performance. With IDN’s point-and-click segmentation, you can easily connect and secure your BACnet systems.

Imagine, in less than 15 minutes…

  • Configure, secure and connect BACnet systems and other smart building technologies
  • Isolate and cloak BACnet traffic, effectively removing it from ‘attack surface’ with point-andn-click micro-segmentation
  • Provide secure contractor access to specific devices on the network
  • Support and protect legacy devices

Secure & Simple Connectivity for Building Management & BACnet Systems

Instant, secure and elastic private workgroup networks


Micro Segmentation Vendors

User experience is transparent and eliminates access from anywhere constraints

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Whether it’s the board of directors or any group of users requiring a private and secure network, accessible and visible only to specific people, we can help. With IDN, it’s simple and fast to create secured enclaves for workgroups where the resource is always cloaked and micro-segmented.

Authorized workgroup members can securely access information and data wherever they’re located, even across the world using public Wi-Fi. Automated granular access control for different workgroups and for every enterprise client is based on verifiable machine identity.

Imagine, in less than 5 minutes…

  • Add, disable, and revoke users’ machines in only one click
  • Keep security context consistent everywhere: LAN, WAN, and Internet
  • Grant network access only to authenticated, authorized, and accountable (AAA) machines
  • Deliver a second layer of authentication that augments user authentication

Simple PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

Coalfire Compliance Report

Pass PCI compliance audits, lower costs, and optimize your security posture—all at the same time.


Network Micro-segmentation

Easily achieve PCI compliance with secure and segmented connectivity—down to the device level. Remove devices out of PCI scope in one click

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The unfortunate reality is that even if an organization is deemed PCI compliant, its network and assets are not necessarily protected against cyberattacks. Tempered Networks’ solution is highly effective in supporting the key requirements and controls of PCI DSS and ensuring your PCI assets are secure.

We give you control of the audit scope for PCI systems and assets and provide a level of isolation and containment previously unattainable. Removing systems and devices that do not belong ‘in scope’ can be done in a few mouse clicks.

Imagine quickly being PCI compliant and secure through:

  • Instant creation of secure micro-perimeters for PCI systems
  • Easy addition of PCI assets to specific groups
  • PCI reporting that ensures proper controls and policies are in place
  • A reduction in time spent on audit preparation that cuts IT OpEx costs