Move Devices Across Hybrid Networks—no IP Address Modifications

Networks typically mushroom into a complex patchwork of tools, technologies, and workarounds—mostly serving to impede agility and scalability. This ongoing chaos and complexity is caused by DNS and IP schemas that create networking conflicts. Our solution helps you overcome this and achieve what has been previously impossible or impractical with traditional networking or Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions.

Our solution enables IT staff to rapidly move endpoints and systems across hybrid networks—with no IP address modifications and no conflicts. Using Tempered Networks, you now have an effective way to unshackle your network and IP resources so they can support your changing business needs.

See how you can achieve boundless mobility for your IP resources:

  • Device and workload mobility and migration – anywhere - Learn more...
  • On-demand cloud networking without barriers - Learn more...
  • Easily converge and connect resources across separate networks for mergers and acquisitions - Learn more...
  • Create private workgroup networks, accessible from anywhere in the world and visible only to authorized people - Learn more...
  • Instant, automated traffic redirection or failover - Learn more...


Device and workload mobility and migration -- anywhere


Global IP Mobility

Take IP mobility to a whole new level with a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace

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The limitations of the IP and DNS Namespaces drive network complexity. To compensate, you end up having to deploy a complex patchwork of tools and technologies that limit your business’ agility and scale.

With our IDN solution, you can eliminate the constraints caused by DNS and IP schemas and stop worrying about IP conflicts. By introducing a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace, problems like a shortage of public IP addresses becomes a non-issue. Now you can achieve instant peer-to-peer networking across layer 2 and 3 and private or public networks, without changing the underlying infrastructure. By overcoming the mobility limitations of IP and DNS Namespaces and IP conflicts, workloads and devices within the IDN fabric are free to move anywhere, between bare metal, virtual, and cloud instances.

Get unprecedented availability, mobility and flexibility

  • Establish your own IP schema with the Host Identity Namespace
  • Gain unique IP mobility within the IDN fabric
  • Forge connectivity between layer 2/3 and public/private networks
  • Overcome limitations of IP and DNS namespaces

Instant on-demand cloud networking without barriers


Software Defined Networking Security

Instantly connect, segment, peer and secure DevOps workloads within and across cloud providers

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The cloud represents a huge opportunity for DevOps to increase agility, slash manual costs, and shift operational burden to the provider. The promise of agility, however, is often hindered because on-premises workload and machine networking to the cloud from separate networks is fiercely complex to design and hard to maintain.

Our IDN solution enables simple and instant peer-to-peer networking between a single, or group of, privately IP addressed machines to any other set of privately addressed resources in any other network. Now you can overcome issues that prevent peering between zones, regions, and other clouds. With IDN you get simple, programmatic, and predictable access control, segmentation and hybrid cloud peering.

Bring your own network to the cloud

  • Spin up and tear down VPC and VNET access controls easily
  • Get cloud connectivity and network management that’s point-and-click simple
  • Access resources securely from anywhere in the world, over any transport
  • Instantly connect, segment, peer, and secure workloads across clouds

Easily converge and connect resources across separate networks for mergers and acquisitions


Network Merger

Consolidate and provision your new business unit’s network resources, and resolve subnet overlaps quickly and easily. The hard part will be learning the all the new birthdays.

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One of the biggest challenges for networking teams is mergers and acquisitions. Bringing in a new company’s non-routable network resources and private address spaces, overcoming the tangled mess of IP provisioning, and subnet overlapping can seem like an impossible puzzle—a puzzle whose difficulty scales along with the size of the network you’re trying to incorporate.

Our IDN solution is ideally suited for network integration and consolidation; making it a much simpler task. We make it easy—at high scale—to NAT device IP and sNAT remote traffic at the network level, not at the host level. Once you’ve tackled the IP and subnet overlapping, the rest falls into place and your new organization will be up and running in minutes.

Everything your new business unit needs

  • Say goodbye to time-intensive re-IP tasks and easily NAT/SNAT a device’s origin
  • Keep resources in the right hands with automatic, secure, auditable access controls
  • Cut OpEx costs associated with managing new address spaces on your network—including unrouteable and private resources
  • Easily tackle the most difficult networking challenges—such as IP overlap issues

Instant, secure and elastic private workgroup networks


SDN Security

User experience is transparent and eliminates access from anywhere constraints

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Whether it’s the board of directors or any group of users requiring a private and secure network, accessible and visible only to specific people, we can help. With IDN, it’s simple and fast to create secured enclaves for workgroups where the resource is always cloaked and micro-segmented.

Authorized workgroup members can securely access information and data wherever they’re located, even across the world using public Wi-Fi. Automated granular access control for different workgroups and for every enterprise client is based on verifiable machine identity.

Imagine, in less than 5 minutes…

  • Add, disable, and revoke users’ machines in only one click
  • Keep security context consistent everywhere: LAN, WAN, and Internet
  • Grant network access only to authenticated, authorized, and accountable (AAA) machines
  • Deliver a second layer of authentication that augments user authentication

Simple PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

Coalfire Compliance Report

Instant, Automated Traffic Redirection or Failover


Automated Traffic Redirection

Significantly improve network availability and flexibility with a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace

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One of the more difficult challenges for IT organizations is overcoming the current limitations of routing convergence methods and DNS names with regards to disaster recovery (DR) and system failover. Often times, failover is configured at a network (macro) level, and not at the device, server, or application (micro) level, because of the networking complexity involved. And because of the complexities involved, verifiable testing is time-consuming and done rarely, if ever, leaving room for error once an incident actually occurs.

With our IDN solution, you can now overcome the limitations of the two current namespaces that are globally deployed: IP addresses and DNS names. With a third namespace (Host Identity Namespace) that is complimentary to existing namespaces, you can take network flexibility to a whole new level. Because IDN is not dependent upon routing convergence or DNS names, it’s now easier than ever to reroute traffic, whether it's a single device or a datacenter. This allows you to flip connectivity from one system to another in less than a second, delivering a high level of network availability and resiliency.

Achieve uncompromising network availability and resiliency

  • Establish your own IP schema—the Host Identity Namespace
  • Overcome limitations of IP and DNS namespaces
  • Get micro/macro failover between devices and systems
  • Test disaster recovery plans quickly and easily