Instantly Revoke / Quarantine Devices to Reduce Risk

Granting third-party access to networks and specific machines is a tough job—an even tougher job is quickly revoking that access with no impact to the network. Remediating or quarantining an infected device is no small feat either—made more difficult by evolving threats and techniques. Our solution makes it easy to revoke a device from networks and minimize the negative impact. All in the time it takes to say “I think this ___________ has been compromised.”

Learn how simple it is to instantly revoke devices:

  • Instantly revoke employee or vendor machine access from your network - Learn more...
  • Instant attack remediation for any device - Learn more...
  • Secure and segmented supply chain access - Learn more...


Instantly revoke employee or vendor machine access from your network


Employee Machine Access

Instant device access and revocation for your entire supply chain

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Internal or 3rd party threats top the list of security challenges for many organizations. Giving access to machines on your network is time-consuming and often involves multiple complex tools and technologies that need to be configured correctly. But what happens when access needs to be revoked? (hint: it takes too long)

With our IDN solution, it’s now incredibly easy to revoke device access to any network, with a click of a button. Even if their user credentials are still valid, the machine cannot access anything within the IDN fabric unless they have been whitelisted based on the unique cryptographic identity. With minimal modification to the existing switching and routing infrastructure, you can now provision, revoke, and remediate networked resources 97% faster.

Significantly reduce your risk

  • Add, disable, and revoke users’ machines—with one mouse click
  • Minimize internal threats with verifiable segmented access
  • Grant access to only authenticated, authorized, and accountable (AAA) machines
  • Eliminate certificate revocation per individual VPN/FW

Instant attack remediation for any device


Malware Detection

Significantly improve your security posture with hardened and verifiable segmentation. Now you can move your security perimeter from the network’s edge, to the device itself

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Malware is a pervasive problem and a seemingly weekly news story across the world. In a malware attack, infected devices are used as pivot points to the rest of the network, resulting in costly breaches. Command-and-control (C&C) servers issue commands and controls to compromised systems, where techniques are becoming much more difficult to uncover—until it’s too late.

With our IDN solution, critical systems and endpoints are cloaked to prevent reconnaissance. Your protected devices and networks have no visible IP footprint and will not respond to any untrusted device or system—meaning ones that haven’t been whitelisted onto your IDN overlay network. Even if one of your devices was compromised, IDN eliminates its ability to communicate out to a C&C server, reducing your attack surface by as much as 90%.

Stop attacks in their tracks

  • Eliminate DDOS, MiTM attacks, IP spoofing and other types of network and transport layer attacks
  • Grant network access to only authenticated, authorized, and accountable (AAA) machines
  • Gain a previously unattainable level of isolation and containment through peer-to-peer encryption and segmentation

Hassle free secure and segmented supply chain access


Supply Chain Access

Managing secure, segmented and verifiable access for your global supply chain to specific machines or networks is point-and-click simple

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Your vendors, contractors, or partners need access to machines and systems on your network, but you don’t want to give away the keys to your kingdom. VPNs or NAC technologies are complex and a hassle to maintain, and can’t restrict access to the device-level. Meaning once the vendor has access, they can get into your entire network.

Now it’s easy to rapidly grant or revoke secure, segmented access for any third party. With IDN, you can instantly connect, segment, encrypt, and disconnect access between any device, anywhere in the world.

Get control over your supply chain

  • Add, disable, and revoke users’ machines—in one mouse click
  • Configure time-based restricted access to devices and systems
  • Enforce security context consistantly everywhere: LAN, WAN, and Internet
  • Get a level of isolation and containment that was previously unattainable with peer-to-peer encryption and segmentation