Uncompromising Network Resiliency and Global IP Mobility

In today’s always-connected world, networking is already a high-stakes game where even a minute of downtime can cost a fortune. Adding to the stress is the threat of disaster and the complexities associated with machine, workload, and datacenter failover. Our solution makes it easy for you to redirect or failover traffic, for a single device or an entire datacenter, helping you redefine network resiliency and mobility.

Read how sub-second failover ensures your resources are highly resilient:

  • Instantly revoke employee or vendor machine access from your network - Learn more...
  • Device and workload mobility and migration – anywhere - Learn more...
  • Instant, automated traffic redirection or failover - Learn more...


Instantly revoke employee or vendor machine access from your network


Employee/Vendor Machine Access

Instant device access and revocation for your entire supply chain

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Internal or 3rd party threats top the list of security challenges for many organizations. Giving access to machines on your network is time-consuming and often involves multiple complex tools and technologies that need to be configured correctly. But what happens when access needs to be revoked? (hint: it takes too long)

With our IDN solution, it’s now incredibly easy to revoke device access to any network, with a click of a button. Even if their user credentials are still valid, the machine cannot access anything within the IDN fabric unless they have been whitelisted based on the unique cryptographic identity. With minimal modification to the existing switching and routing infrastructure, you can now provision, revoke, and remediate networked resources 97% faster.

Significantly reduce your risk

  • Add, disable, and revoke users’ machines—with one mouse click
  • Minimize internal threats with verifiable segmented access
  • Grant access to only authenticated, authorized, and accountable (AAA) machines
  • Eliminate certificate revocation per individual VPN/FW

Device and workload mobility and migration -- anywhere


Global IP Mobility

Take IP mobility to a whole new level with a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace

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The limitations of the IP and DNS Namespaces drive network complexity. To compensate, you end up having to deploy a complex patchwork of tools and technologies that limit your business’ agility and scale.

With our IDN solution, you can eliminate the constraints caused by DNS and IP schemas and stop worrying about IP conflicts. By introducing a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace, problems like a shortage of public IP addresses becomes a non-issue. Now you can achieve instant peer-to-peer networking across layer 2 and 3 and private or public networks, without changing the underlying infrastructure. By overcoming the mobility limitations of IP and DNS Namespaces and IP conflicts, workloads and devices within the IDN fabric are free to move anywhere, between bare metal, virtual, and cloud instances.

Get unprecedented availability, mobility and flexibility

  • Establish your own IP schema with the Host Identity Namespace
  • Gain unique IP mobility within the IDN fabric
  • Forge connectivity between layer 2/3 and public/private networks
  • Overcome limitations of IP and DNS namespaces

Instant, Automated Traffic Redirection or Failover


Automated Traffic Redirection

Significantly improve network availability and flexibility with a third namespace, the Host Identity Namespace

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One of the more difficult challenges for IT organizations is overcoming the current limitations of routing convergence methods and DNS names with regards to disaster recovery (DR) and system failover. Often times, failover is configured at a network (macro) level, and not at the device, server, or application (micro) level, because of the networking complexity involved. And because of the complexities involved, verifiable testing is time-consuming and done rarely, if ever, leaving room for error once an incident actually occurs.

With our IDN solution, you can now overcome the limitations of the two current namespaces that are globally deployed: IP addresses and DNS names. With a third namespace (Host Identity Namespace) that is complimentary to existing namespaces, you can take network flexibility to a whole new level. Because IDN is not dependent upon routing convergence or DNS names, it’s now easier than ever to reroute traffic, whether it's a single device or a datacenter. This allows you to flip connectivity from one system to another in less than a second, delivering a high level of network availability and resiliency.

Achieve uncompromising network availability and resiliency

  • Establish your own IP schema—the Host Identity Namespace
  • Overcome limitations of IP and DNS namespaces
  • Get micro/macro failover between devices and systems
  • Test disaster recovery plans quickly and easily