Customer Case Stories

Commercial Developer

A leading commercial developer saved time and money, lowered its risk profile, leveraged and segmented its current BACnet infrastructure, and provided secure remote access for contractors with one simple solution.


Leveraging its current infrastructure, a prominent Big 10 university centralized and segmented BACnet systems for 640+ state-wide buildings and improved security with one easy solution—rapidly and dramatically under budget.

Oil and Gas

A premier natural gas provider breezed through a security audit, gave contractors secure remote access to industrial systems, and made OT teams more autonomous—no complex and costly traditional solutions required.


Renewable Energy Provider

A large renewable energy provider was able to easily and securely manage the SCADA systems at distributed remote locations from its central operations centers, while improving efficiency and cutting costs by streamlining the process.


A northeastern US hospital greatly reduced its attack surface, simplified IT administration, and can now breeze through HIPAA and PCI compliance audits—with one simple solution.

Financial Services

Financial services company uses zero trust connectivity and micro-segmentation to meet SWIFT’s Customer Security Program control requirements.


Industrial Gas

A company’s journey to achieve simple micro-segmented access to its systems running on-premises at customer facilities to meet stringent Service Level Agreements.


A sprawling Texas county increases efficiency, cuts cost, and reduces cybersecurity risk with segmented connectivity and access to distributed HVAC systems



Many organizations have experienced the transformational power of Identity Defined Networking

  • Alderwood Water District
  • Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility
  • AP and T
  • Broadleaf Co Ltd
  • Carson Oil
  • City of Hollywood
  • City of Spokane
  • City of Vancouver BC
  • CMS Energy
  • Delta Controls
  • Eli Lilly
  • Green Mountain Power
  • Jackson Electric Membership Co
  • Los Angeles Pacific
  • Mass Port Authority
  • Metropolitan Water District of SC
  • Northwest Community Credit Union
  • Orange County Water
  • Peco Manufacturing
  • Penn State University
  • PUD of Whatcom County
  • San Patricio County
  • Sothebys
  • Targa Resources
  • The Gill Corporation
  • Universal Orlando
  • Washington Gas Company
  • Wolverine Power Cooperative
  • Xcel Energy
  • Yokogawa