Company’s new software and hardware release accelerates the benefits of zero trust segmentation with superior manageability and broadest platform support to connect and protect IoT endpoints anywhere


SEATTLE, JANUARY 7, 2019Tempered Networks, Inc., the pioneer of Identity Defined Networks (IDN), announced new versions of their IDN software and hardware to accelerate the benefits of zero trust networking. With this release, organizations can easily add Host Identity Protocol (HIP) fortification to the industries broadest set of IoT endpoints. HIP fortification of TCP/IP networks eliminates the complexity and attack vectors caused by the use of firewalls, VPNs, and NAC for connectivity and segmentation. Organizations will benefit from the IDN solution’s broadened platform support, smart path overlay routing, intelligent link management, and enhanced IoT group management making zero trust segmentation remarkably simple to deploy and manage over any network. With this comprehensive release, customers can connect IoT endpoints 95% faster and eliminate TCP/IP attack vectors where traditional technologies are vulnerable. Best of all, organizations can deploy Tempered Networks 10x faster at half the cost of traditional alternatives, providing a simpler, more secure, and resilient IoT segmented network.


The new release of IDN provides customers with innovative software features and hardware appliances specifically designed to make zero trust networking practical and simple to deploy and maintain across the entire organization. IDN provides the broadest platform support to segment, connect, protect, failover, or disconnect any endpoint and all major end-user devices. New release highlights encompass:

Clients and platforms

  • HIPswitch 75w IoT gateway. The HIPswitch 75 Series provides a small, plug and play IoT edge gateway designed for non-Industrial environments like Medical Devices and Building Automation. In addition to the HIPswitch 75e, customers can now take advantage of the new HIPswitch 75w with a built-in Wi-Fi module enabling zero trust mobility for IoT in environments like hospitals.
  • HIPswitch 150 Series. Available in form factors for commercial and industrial environments along with higher port density over the HIPswitch 100 series, the new HIPswitch 150 series is suitable for the entire enterprise. The ruggedized Industrial IoT edge gateways are ideal for ICS and SCADA environments, with flexible connectivity options including Ethernet and Cellular with intelligent link management for smart failover. PoE input, Serial-over-IP, and seamless failover between wired and cellular networks is now simple to deploy, fast, and highly resilient.
  • Android HIPclient support. Adding to the current HIPclient offerings for Windows, Mac, and iOS client devices, new support for Android rounds out HIP fortification of the most popular end-user devices. Android devices can now natively connect to any authorized IDN overlay from any network, with the ability to easily switch between different overlay networks. The HIPclient for Android makes it simple for any technician to communicate with only the IoT endpoints their device is authorized without having to modify the underlying network.
  • FIPS 140-2 Support. Tempered Networks now offers FIPS 140-2, based on the HIPswitch-500 and The Conductor-500 platforms. With FIPS, private keys are stored on the FIPS-certified HSM (hardware security module), which performs all cryptographic operations.

Performance and availability

  • Smartest path with Relay Probes. With the new HIPrelay Probe feature, any HIP fortified service is able to find the closest HIPrelayavailable and initiate an authorized network connection within a zero trust overlay segment without having to modify the underlying network. Organizations can securely connect two or more non-routable IoT endpoints instantly while improving performance by using HIPrelay Probes that monitor and select the best HIPrelay according to connection speed and availability.
  • Customer-controlled Link Manager for high availability. Supporting all HIPswitch platforms, the Link Manager removes dependencies on carriers and provides uplink resiliency and intelligent monitoring for wired and cellular uplinks. Dynamic switching occurs based on which link provides the best availability and performance making reliable IoT communications much simpler.

Manageability and visibility

  • Increased visibility and manageability with Tags. Tags allow custom metadata to be associated with any IoT endpoint, user, and groups so policy can be monitored and enforced based on how an organization defines IoT and those users needing access to zero trust segments. Tags lay the groundwork for integration with existing data repositories like Active Directory and the way Kubernetes clusters are managed.
  • Improved network insight with HIPrelay bandwidth reporting. Get enriched visibility into your IDN network utilization with the ability to view the bandwidth of every HIPrelay connection between HIP Services. Using The Conductor, administrators can view statistics and get useful layered bandwidth graphs to determine the best networks based on cost and performance.
  • Enhanced Conductor diagnostics. Driving zero trust simplicity even further, management and troubleshooting of distributed HIP Services running on underlay networks are much simpler. The new release makes it easy to determine if a problem stems from the underlying network or an IDN overlay. Customers can also run a diagnosis report, create a support bundle, or get/restore a database backup, all from The Conductor’s management console.
  • Simplified support for 3rd party CAs (Certificate Authorities). The process of applying non-Tempered Networks’ certs is now transparent and automated using new public API calls with a scriptable and scalable customer-centric workflow.

“Increasingly, organizations understand that the network stack is broken and that any network and security system based on TCP/IP is vulnerable, putting the organizations that depend upon them at risk. Just witness the successful attacks against PCI compliant organizations who were using next-gen firewalls, VPNs, and NAC for segmentation. Those technologies no longer work to secure critical infrastructure, let alone IoT,” said Erik Giesa, VP of Products at Tempered Networks. “Customers are facing a new level of complexity with IT and industrial IoT networks converging, along with the constant worry of cyber-attacks. Our mission is to eliminate the cost and complexity of ineffective alternatives like firewalls and VPNs. By leveraging the only zero trust protocol, the Host Identity Protocol (HIP), we fortify TCP/IP networks in a way that was previously impossible and eliminate network stack fatigue. With this latest release, customers can readily achieve what was previously impossible or impractical with traditional IT and SDN alternatives.”


New IDN software enhancements and the HIPswitch 75 series and HIPswitch 150 series are available today. The HIPswitch 150 cellular expansion module is currently suitable for most major North American cell carriers, with additional carrier support available in future releases.

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