• Radically transform your view of network security

    End-to-end Encryption. Micro Segmentation. Device-based Whitelisting.

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  • Need Identity? Get HIP.

    Host Identity Protocol (HIP), recognized by the IETF community introduces verifiable trust within your network

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  • Now, Network teams can run at the speed of DevOps

    Unprecedented speed of deployment for secure networking and resource provisioning with Identity-Defined Networking


A Secure Networking Revolution

Make your network invisible to hackers. Our game changing solution introduces a new identity paradigm, based on the host itself, not an IP address which is easily spoofed.

Unify Networking and Security

Start from the most common denominator in networking - the device – with an ‘orchestration first’ mindset and communication based on verifiable identity.

Lower IT Capex and Opex costs

Reduce OpEx and CapEx by an order of magnitude. Accelerate time to provision and de-provision networks and resources by over 5x.

Fix the Root Defect of IP-based networks

An IP address must no longer serve as device identity in networking and security. Our unique “host identity paradigm” fixes this root defect.

Instantly Connect, Cloak, Segment, Protect, Revoke

Automatically authenticate, authorize, encrypt and enable seamless movement and failover of any connected device, machine, or groups of resources.

A game changing, yet proven, alternative to ancient IP networking

Unlike the old, traditional IP networking and SDN approaches, our next-generation network virtualization fabric-based architecture can be deployed on top of any IP network, enabling rapid provisioning and revocation of networking and security services that are managed in a highly dynamic and scalable way.

As a result of cloud computing and the imperative of digital transformation, networking and security are increasingly interrelated. Security exploits and vulnerabilities are proliferating, so security strategies must adapt to provide intrinsic, pervasive network security. Tempered has responded to this need with identity-based network overlays that leverage the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) to provide network security based on the host identity itself rather than a spoofable IP address.

- Brad Casemore, director of research for datacenter networking, IDC


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