Protect Your Critical Infrastructure and Information

Prevent network attacks with proven award-winning technology

2014 Security Innovator

2014 Security Innovator

Awarded by SC Magazine

2014 North American Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

2014 North American Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

Awarded by Frost & Sullivan

Securing Fortune 500<br>Companies

Securing Fortune 500

Cloak Critical Infrastructure

Devices can only be seen by trusted peers

Segment Networks

Smaller, more manageable networks are more robust

Extend Network

Securely extend your network to any remote location

Preserve Legacy Investments

Integrates with any existing devices and infrastructure

Secure Remote Access

Highly constrained remote access that is easily granted and revoked

Network Diagnostics and Optimization

Ability to capture network traffic passing through a HIPswitch

Industries we secure

Today’s ever-evolving threats require a new way of thinking to safeguard the integrity of your operations. We take a revolutionary new approach with a “baked in” versus “bolted on” security solution that can be dropped into your existing network, while leveraging your legacy devices and infrastructure.

Our solutions protect critical infrastructure and information across a broad range of industries.

Common Industry Solutions

Solution Brief- Water

Critical Infrastructure Security and Operational Efficiency: Bridging the Gap As water and wastewater SCADA and ICS networks become more complexnone

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Solution Brief- Power Generation

Securing Critical Infrastructure Without Adding Operational Complexity Increasing automation and connectivity of industrial control systems (ICS) across distributed power generationnone

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Solution Brief- Oil & Gas

Secure Network Connectivity and Operational Efficiency: Bridging the Gap Increasing connectivity and automation for production, pipeline, and processing systems isnone

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Solution Brief- Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are increasingly integrating production and industrial control systems (ICS) with the corporate network.

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“As a leading process automation supplier, we embrace innovation and continuously strive to maximize the use of plant assets and optimize operations. Tempered Networks is well aligned with our strategy: solving customers’ security and connectivity needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Their transparent, drop-in solution provides secure, remote access to our hardware on customers’ networks without the need for heavy IT involvement. No footprint is created on an existing network so it doesn’t disrupt the customers’ infrastructure."

- Todd Stanier, Yokogawa Corporation of America

Trusted Communications

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