Trust Your Extended Network with Built-in Security

New Identity-Defined Network™ Fabric seamlessly weaves in trusted identities across your hybrid enterprise


CEO Opinion

CEO Jeff Hussey, gives his opinion on why he cares about the 'Internet of Important Things', and how the internet needs to change.

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M2M Cellular Connectivity

Tempered Networks’ carrier-agnostic connectivity solution gives you complete control of your M2M communications—with end-to-end encryption—at the lowest TCO.




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Cloaking Technology

With our breakthrough technology leveraging Host Identity Protocol (HIP), Tempered Networks cloaks your devices, critical assets and vulnerable endpoints, making them invisible from the underlying network. Attackers cannot hack what they cannot access.

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Changing IP communications

A brief summary of Host Identity Protocol (HIP) - Understand why the core of our technology is considered a game changer in IP communications



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SC Magazine - 2015 Cybersecurity Innovator

Network World - New approach to Industrial IoT security

Computer Weekly - New way of securing endpoints





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2015 Security Innovator

2015 Security Innovator

Awarded by SC Magazine

25 Coolest Network Security Vendors

25 Coolest Network Security Vendors

Awarded by CRN

Cybersecurity 500

Cybersecurity 500

World's hottest security companies

2014 North American Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

2014 North American Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

Awarded by Frost & Sullivan

Securing Fortune 500<br>Companies

Securing Fortune 500

Hardened, Resilient and Simple Security

Cryptographic Trust Management

Secures and hides communications between trusted devices with cryptographic identities

Effortless Orchestration

Centrally managed, micro-segmented networks based on device-whitelisting increases overall security posture

Industries we secure

Today’s ever-evolving threats require a new way of thinking to safeguard the integrity of your operations. We take a revolutionary new approach with a “baked in” versus “bolted on” security solution that can be dropped into your existing network, while leveraging your legacy devices and infrastructure.

Our solutions protect critical infrastructure and information across a broad range of industries.

Common Industry Solutions

Solution Brief: Military Bases & Multi-Tenant Environments

Cyber Security for Military Campus Networks with Multi-Tenant Challenges Campus networks on military bases connect a variety of critical networks,none

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Solution Brief: Medical Systems & Equipment

Safeguarding Medical Systems from Cyber Attacks Medical equipment are increasingly being connected to networks to enhance healthcare services and streamlinenone

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Solution Brief: Campus Networks & Multi-Tenant Environments

Cyber Security for Campus Networks and Multi-Tenant Environments Corporations, universities, military bases, and hospitals rely on campus networks to interconnectnone

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Solution Brief: Railroads & Passenger Rail

Securing and Connecting Critical Infrastructure for Rail Carriers To improve safety and operational efficiency, rail carriers are increasing connectivity andnone

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Solution Brief: Financial Transactions

Secure Network Connectivity for Financial Transactions Financial transaction systems, such as ATM machines, Point-of-Sale systems, ticketing kiosks, vending machines, etc.,none

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Solution Brief: Building Automation

Safeguard Building Automation Systems from Cyber Attacks Modern buildings, warehouses, and ‘smart cities’ initiatives are increasing efficiency and safety throughnone

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Solution Brief: Airlines

Secure Airline Connectivity: Protect Critical Assets in the Air and on the Ground The aviation industry has perhaps the mostnone

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Solution Brief: Water & Wastewater

Protecting Critical Infrastructure & Enhancing Operational Efficiency As SCADA and ICS networks for water and wastewater utilities become more complexnone

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Solution Brief: Power Generation

Securing Critical Infrastructure Without Adding Operational Complexity Increasing automation and connectivity of industrial control systems (ICS) across distributed power generationnone

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“To ensure we follow security best practices, securing our critical control network was our top priority. Tempered Networks allowed us to do that. Set up and usability was quick and easy.”

- Bruce Hoffman: Network Engineer, Franklin PUD

Trusted Communications

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